Table Restorations

furniture restoration

Table restorations – Art Deco Italian design dining table, cheery and beech – Reconstruct top, restore base and polish.

Birch Restorations

To restore a piece of furniture (restoration) you need the skills of the original furniture maker. You need to know the character of the materials used to make it. You need to be able to

furniture restoration

graft in new materials where the old have deteriorated beyond repair.

Antique dealers have let Greg and his team pull antiques apart (and put them back together) for years. Greg has mastered the techniques, styles and materials of each period. He will match the character, colour and patina of the original timbers from his stores of old wood and he’ll match details for authenticity

It’s this expertise and attention to details that has won him repeat business from antique dealers and restorers, as well as the individuals who have entrusted Greg with their most precious pieces of furniture to repair.

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